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For HR-managers in a company

Are you an HR-manager in a company?

To companies established in Belgium we offer Easy Access to European and non-European consultants: with our help, recruiting foreign consultants becomes much easier, because we deal quickly and efficiently with the many complicated and time-consuming administrative procedures.
You are in charge of HR in a company that has activities in Belgium and makes use (or wishes to make use) of the services of foreign consultants. In that case you must know that companies who are employing or wanting to recruit foreign external consultants or employees are confronted with an increasingly complex personnel administration and more stringent regulations concerning personnel policy (“Limosa”-regulations, fines for not complying with the social security regulations, increasingly frequent inspections …).

You may also know from personal experience how time-consuming and cumbersome “silly” administrative formalities can be for yourself, your staff and the consultants involved, resulting in a substantial loss of time and money.

Perhaps you would like to expand your use of foreign consultants (or you would like to recruit one for the first time), but you are not sure what approach is most suitable to your company’s needs.
Perhaps you already possess a vast experience in working with foreign personnel but you are facing an acute problem (e.g. due to being temporarily understaffed) with a certain file or a couple of “stupid” practical formalities.
Perhaps you have trouble keeping track of who of your foreign external staff members are complying with their administrative obligations and who are not.
Or maybe you would just like to unburden yourself and your staff of a number of purely administrative tasks, so as to be able to focus on more policy-related aspects.

These are all potentially problematic situations that we can help you with. The services offered by Axeasy are the result of our staff’s long-standing hands-on experience: we possess an extensive practical know-how concerning all the aspects (administrative and other) of working with international personnel in Belgium. Furthermore, our service is characterized by a personal, confidential and neutral approach, which allows us to take into account the specific problems and needs of your company as well as your consultants:

We help your HR-department deal with the specific obligations of your company concerning foreign staff:

  • “Limosa” declaration and verification
  • Advice about which professional status (employee, self-employed consultant, …) is the best solution for any particular profile
  • Payroll solutions
  • work permits and visa
  • Verifying contracts

Apart from this, we also offer an extensive service concerning the obligations of the consultant: we can make sure that your consultants are complying with their administrative obligations as a foreign resident in Belgium and as an employee or a self-employed consultant, from their recruitment until the day they leave the country. We make sure that the consultant is “safe” as far as his/her administrative obligations are concerned, and hence is able to do his/her job without unnecessary troubles.

We offer our services in different formats, according to your specific needs and the particular profile of the person you wish to recruit:

  • you may wish to choose for a day-to-day package, which implies that we take care of all the different aspects of the file, from the beginning of the recruitment process until the last day of residence in Belgium; *
  • or you can choose “à la carte” for particular, individual services, e.g. only a “Limosa”-declaration, or just a work permit, or just the standard formalities for a stay in Belgium.


If you are interested in our services, please contact us.