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What is Axeasy?

  • Axeasy offers a number of services that ensure our clients of Easy Access to the Belgian labour market.
  • Axeasy is specialized in dealing with about every administrative aspect of working with national and international personnel in Belgium.
  • Axeasy is available to anyone who is active or wants to be active on the Belgian labour market, whether as an employee, as a self-employed consultant, as an employer or as a recruitment agency.
  • Axeasy's services are based on a personal, confidential and neutral approach, ensuring that the interests of all parties involved are served as well as possible and in a correct manner.
  • Axeasy offers its services in several formats, adapted to the needs and the specific profile of the client.

Who is Axeasy

Marieke Hoekstra

Marieke Hoekstra - Managing Director


You are a consultant wishing to come and work in Belgium.

To consultants (freelancers or employees; Europeans or non-Europeans) Axeasy offers Easy Access to the Belgian labour market: we help you deal with all administrative formalities concerning living and working in Belgium, in a neutral and independent manner. More info

Are you an HR-manager in a company?

To companies established in Belgium we offer Easy Access to European and non-European consultants: with our help, recruiting foreign consultants becomes much easier, because we deal quickly and efficiently with the many complicated and time-consuming administrative procedures. More info

You are a manager in a recruitment agency?

To Belgian and non-Belgian recruitment agencies we offer many opportunities to simplify and expand their activities on the Belgian labour market, thanks to our know-how about the formalities concerning international personnel in Belgium. More info